Empowering Women to Become The Best Version Of Themselves.

Melanie is an Image Therapist and Health & Well-Being Therapist who helps women to be bold enough to take control of their lives and transform it with their courage, beauty and love.

Melanie began her career as a Holistic Therapist and founded her Health and Wellbeing Clinic, House of Beauty Clinic. During her 17 years of career, she met countless women who suffer in silence. As they face the mirror, they see someone they don’t like very much. They see flaws, failures and hopelessness. Inner pain and sadness are affecting their lives, making them want to numb out, neglect their self-care, and indulge in harmful perfectionism or self-sabotage.


Determined to help them, she spent years studying and researching human behaviour and thought patterns. Now, she shares her knowledge with women who are kept small by the fear of judgement and rejection. She gives them the tools they can use daily to exude confidence and increase their self-esteem.


After working with Melanie, you will not only see yourself a more youthful, radiant and attractive woman, but the world will also feel the confidence you carry around you wherever you go. 

She has an ability to create profound changes within the self, and she is becoming a proven leader in this industry; from her inspiring transformational modalities to teaching the art of living authentically, aligning with her client’s soul desire.



Her services are the products of years of personal inner work, research and studies. They have been specifically designed for the benefit of her numerous clients, especially women who are keen to raise their personal power and improve everything in their life. She is devoted to guiding her clients through the process of imbibing skills and attitudes that enable them to overcome every obstacle in their path to inner peace and ultimate happiness.


She truly believes that human developmental changes only take place when people are helped to see the power of their mind. The mind is a powerful force, it can enslave us or empower us. It can lead us into the depths of suffering or take us to the heights of ecstasy.


Melanie is a humble and approachable individual with a genuine interest in spreading love and kindness to those around her. She loves what she does, and it shows in the visible and positive results that she gets with each and every one of her clients. 


Melanie is not a psychiatrist, psychologist or doctor. She is a smart girl who never stops learning and researches a lot about psychology, psychotherapy, human behaviour, holistic health, spirituality, healing modalities (and related subjects), and who uses proven and inspiring methods to empower women to surpass themselves, be visible and design a life to fulfil their dreams.

  • Certified Health and Well-Being Therapist

  • Certified Chakra Healing Therapist

  • Certified Bach Essence Therapist

  • Accredited Colour Affects Colourist

  • Certified Personal Lifestyle Consultant

  • Certified Life Coaching

  • Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

  • Certified CBT for Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Attacks

  • Accredited Acceptance and Commitment Coaching (ACT)

  • Accredited Mindfulness Life Coach Practitioner

  • Trained in The Science of Happiness

  • Certified Personal Stylist / Personal Shopper

  • Certified "Fit by Sight" Bra / Mastectomy Fitter 

  • Certified YoungBlood Makeup Artist



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