Emotional Healing

Emotions are reactions to your thoughts, not to the world. The Bach Flower Remedies have the ability to affect our emotions positively. They have unique healing qualities that treat the emotional highs and lows of everyday life – from anxiety and fear, to boredom and grief. They can support you to adjust to a new job, ease stress and help with your day-to-day irritabilities. When you feel in control of your emotions, life becomes so much easier. With no side-effects, flower remedies are very safe to use.

Time: 1 hour

Price: £75 (includes a personalised treatment bottle)

Renewed treatment bottle: £15 

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"It was almost as if I felt mentally ‘lighter’ as they helped relieve me of the panic,

stress and worry that would typically burden me in certain situations".

Alicia M.

for a beautiful, confident you