How are you feeling?

Unhappy. Stressed. Anxious. Sad. Worried. Confused.

Stuck. Scared. Lost. Unfulfilled. Hopeless...

It is perfectly normal to feel low and unbalanced or a bit unstuck at times, and seeking support to help you move forwards is a normal and natural thing to do.

I help anyone who experiences anxiety in the form of excessive worrying, feeling of fear, or rumination, and also for those who feel stuck in life, and lack of motivation or the self-confidence to get things done and move forward.

As your coach and facilitator, I am there to listen intently, untangle your thoughts, bring clarity and focus to your goals, and to motivate you to achieve the lasting happiness you deserve.

My job is to offer you guidance, advice, tools and the motivation that you need to incorporate into your daily life so that you can break the cycle of stress, unhappiness, exhaustion and anxiety.


My style of coaching is different, because everyone I work with is different. I don’t believe in template or specific school of coaching. I am my coaching style: uplifting, straightforward and result driven.

Would you like to know how to:

  • Deal with your thoughts and feelings, and how to take actions

  • Overcome anger, stress and anxiety

  • Deal with life challenges so that you can grow in happiness, love, strength and success

  • Create powerful daily ritual that will instantly uplift you

  • Understand yourself better

  • Become more confident and resilient

My aim is to help you not only achieving a perfect state of happiness and inner-peace, but also in making sure that once you achieve it, you won’t lose it. The only thing that I am asking in return is your energy and commitment. If you want to know more about my style of coaching and working with me, contact me at hello@melmorel.com - and I can answer your questions.

1:1 single session

Time: 1hour

Price: £45 (without treatment bottle)

Price: £55 (includes a personalised treatment bottle - UK postage only)

1:1 mentoring packages 

Time: 3 hours (3 x sessions / 1 session every over week)

Price: £120 (without treatment bottle)

Price: £150 (includes a personalised treatment bottle - UK postage only)

Renewed treatment bottle: £15 

Lockdown / Covid19 special prices. 

Online Video Call

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Bach Flower Remedies:

To ease and speed up the emotional healing process, I incorporate the Bach system into each coaching session. Bach Flower Remedies are 'medicines' for the emotions that aim to heal and balance any negative states of mind. With no side-effects, flower remedies are completely safe and can be used by adults, children, babies and animals.

"It was almost as if I felt mentally ‘lighter’ as they helped relieve me of the panic,

stress and worry that would typically burden me in certain situations."

Alicia M.

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