regardless of cancer

The only thing that we have is the present moment. The past cannot be changed and the future is yet to come.

Say YES to the delight available in the present moment and feel your vibration raising.

Today is life.

Speciality services for women who are going through a health crisis.

I help those living with and beyond cancer to experience personalised beauty and image transformation alongside healing therapies. With over 15 years of experiences as a health and holistic therapist, I understand the damages and changes that occur with skin, hair and nails when you are going through cancer treatments.

I use fashion, beauty, self-love and energy work to help women regain self-confidence and positivity during and after their cancer journey.

I am determined to help you feel better within yourself and offer the following individualised image consultation services:

  • Seasonal colour analysis

  • Natural make up application

  • Skincare recommendation

  • Non-toxic nail care consultation

  • Post breast cancer bra fitting

  • Body shape and style analysis

  • Wardrobe assessment

I am an advocate of self-care and self-love, and I am trained in various healing modalities which can support you during our work together. I offer:

  • Rahanni celestial healing

  • Bach flower remedies

  • Aromatherapy

  • Raising your vibration

Bespoke session with Me

I offer a bespoke one-to-one session designed specifically for you with your needs in mind. I can tailor something very special for you, so you get exactly what you need, and more.

I operate from my private practice in Stanstead Abbotts (Hertfordshire) and the Light Centre in Moorgate (London). 

If you would like to inquire simply contact me 


"I went to Melanie because dressing after my mastectomy has been challenging. I did not know what to expect from the whole experience but Melanie put me at ease from the moment that I arrived. She has a very caring and gentle approach and I could feel myself getting more relaxed as she started explaining what the whole process of the session will involve. I really appreciated her ability to deal with my personal needs. She made me feel very comfortable and spent lots of time on giving me tips and advices on how to dress my upper body. The knowledge and the tools have definitely given me confidence to shop and dress for my body shape. Thank you for the whole experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will always make use of my personal colour guide and the e-Book when shopping". Laraine G-

for a beautiful, confident you