Nurturing and transforming both

your soul and your home.

Subtle atmosphere

Décor therapy is about creating a space that is not only pleasing to the eye, but pleasing to all your senses. Through intentional design, I help my clients create a home to support how they most desire to feel. I design for them safe sanctuaries that they can be proud of and in love with. I fill their home with personality, taste, colour, harmony, texture, scents, light, music, serenity, positive energy, order, natural elements, arts and much more, to help them manifest positive, inspiring and, joyful life experiences.

Finding your style

Analysing, discovering, and defining your own style is a vital part of the design scheme when creating a home holistically. You are unique and your style is unlike anyone else’s. It is why you can’t just choose to decorate your home with the latest trend or be a copy of someone else's home. It will not support you.


Using colour psychology I will help you to undertake this process. Knowing your own style and taste will give you the confidence to make tough choices such as which flooring to select, what kind of furniture to buy, or even the dream kitchen to choose.


Your style is made up of your unique personality, your interests and your lifestyle. It is a powerful decision-making tool. Imagine not having to worry about picking the right things for your home and putting them all together like a second nature.


No more doubting, overthinking, and changing your mind every other day.

"Melanie transformed my neglected bedroom into a special retreat. I sleep better and I feel more rested when I wake up in the morning. She uses her insight and skills when she helps you to select colours, accessories and furniture. She is so approachable and honest, I highly recommend Melanie to anyone desiring a personal, harmonious and peaceful living environment. Thank you Melanie"! Laura M.

Step 3

Decor therapy is for you if:

  • You want to create a beautiful and harmonious home.

  • You are bored with your surroundings.

  • You need help on how to clear your home of clutter once and for all.

  • You want to improve the positive energy in your home.

  • You are curious about Feng Shui.

  • You want to know how to use colour to change the look and feel of your home.

  • You want to increase positive energy within your home (or business).

  • You want to create a home that will support your health and wellbeing.

  • You want to transform your life and attract more joy, abundance, wealth, love and success.

  • You are struggling and feeling stuck in life.

  • And so much more...

Your home is your temple. Are you ready to open its door?


Colour therapy

Colour is one of the most important elements in our environment; it is the first thing that we notice when we enter a room.


It is an enriching design tool and a means of creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Colour can also change the size and warmth of a room; induce healing and relaxation; bring us to an ultimate state of calm and elevation; and influence our emotional and physiological functioning. 


Using colour therapy, I can help you to identify and choose colours that will make you feel good and support your health and wellbeing. And together, we will create a colour scheme that will project harmony in your blissful sanctuary.

Design & Styling

General consultation

Brief and design analysis


Space planning                                                          

Colour scheme using the Colour Affects System

Furniture, art and accessory selection and placement  

Fabrics, lighting, flooring, fixtures and appliances selection 

Window dressing specification

If you live indoors and care about your health & wellbeing, Decor Therapy is for you.

Sound interesting?


Clutter clearing

Tidy home: tidy mind.

Cluttered home: cluttered mind.

Metaphysically speaking, clutter is stuck, depressed energy in your space. Our clutter is a mirror for what we hold onto mentally and emotionally. Slow and sluggish energy can make your feel disorganised, confused, stuck, tired, out of control, depressed and reluctant to move on in any area of your life. Clearing your clutter will lift your spirits and increase your energy and vitality. As you start clearing, your life will start to magically move.

Bringing nature home

I love to bring indoor plants into my designs. Why? Plants do more than make your home feel serene, lived-in and relaxed, they are also effective in removing various atmospheric pollutants. It has been proven that indoor plants are by far the best promising method of maintaining and improving air quality in any enclosed living space. I will show you how indoor plants can brighten up your home whilst helping you breathe easier.

Space Clearing

Space clearing is a holistic method for making a space feel good. Your home absorbs every energy of whatever takes place within the fabric of the walls. An old energy field can turn into stagnant energy and can often result in making you feel sluggish, confused, irritable, worried or stressed. Space clearing is a powerful way to purify and uplift the energy in a space so you can feel much better within yourself.


For Melanie your home is your third skin and should be designed to support you energetically. Her holistic and healing background experiences combined with her passion for interior design led her to come up with this fresh and exciting way of decorating. Decor Therapy is a special service designed to create healing and harmonious spaces for her holistic minded clients.

Melanie is a certified Holistic Interior Designer (HDI) , Stylist and Colour Affects Colourist. 

. Clarity . Wellbeing . Creativity . Harmony . Joy .

for a healthier, happier you