Fearful & Anxious Minds

The Bach Flower Essences aim to soothe our emotions and thoughts. They help us to regain positivity and control when the stress, worry and pressure of daily life overwhelmed us. The Flower Essences are profoundly healing, and the most common feedback from my clients is that they feel so much lighter and more positive after just a few days of using them. 


Put 2 drops of your chosen Flower Essence in a large glass of water (4 times a day).

You can also add 8-12 drops in a bottle of water and sip all day.

In times of extreme stress, you can put 4 drops neat straight onto your tongue as often as needed.


*Bach Flower Essences are preserved in brandy, so be mindful if you have issues with the use of brandy or alcohol.

Please note that these Flower Essences can be helpful for anxiety symptoms, but they are certainly not a cure for anxiety. Please speak to your GP about how you are feeling and for treatments available for anxiety.

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