Coronavirus: uncertainty and your immune system

You see we, humans, we have a need for something. And that need is called certainty. We need to know that everything is going to be okay. Everything is under control. And we need that reassurance in every aspect of our lives.

But when this kind of pandemic happens, we don’t have certainty. And our minds go on overdrive. We have an urge to know what’s going to happen to us.

Are we going to be okay?

If it can comfort you, humans are resilient. Many of us (and our ancestors) have gone through so many terrible events in the past where we had no idea if life as we knew it would continue.

And it did continue.

So what can you do when you have no power, no control over awful situations?

Well, you may worry, panic and become a nervous wreck. But you can also talk yourself out of it, carry on what you have always done. Get up, get dressed, do your job if you have one, do your job being a parent, a spouse, a friend, a good neighbour and look after your health.

What I want you to know is, it will pass. And you will be okay because in times like this you should put all your energy into “being okay.”

Remind yourself that when you feel worried, panicked and anxious, you are weakening your immune system. So looking after your health is vital right now. And that means:

  • Eating nutritious meals

  • Keeping your body hydrated

  • Getting enough sleep

  • Moving your body

  • Feeding your mind with positivity

Think before eating that packet of biscuits all in one go while binging Netflix. It’s full of sugar. We all know how toxic sugar is to our immune system. And think how long it is going to take you to lose that extra weight when we go back to normality. How are you going to be feeling then?

Be mindful of what you are listening to, watching and reading. Remember, how you feel about the virus is down to the info and pictures you feed your mind. If everything that your mind is absorbing is doom and gloom, how do you think you are going to be feeling? Feeling stressed will affect your immune system.

Being on lockdown is not nice, and I get it. It feels like being a prisoner in your own home. But it is not forever. And we are doing it to stay safe and to save lives. Remember that! So let’s focus on the positive aspects of it.

How many times in the past have you complained about not having enough hours in your day?

Think about it – you can now read the books that you never had time to read. You get to spend quality time with your loved ones. You get to catch up on your sleep. You get time to cook nutritious meals. You get an opportunity to rethink your career. You get the time to do that online course that will serve you in advancing your career or maybe change your career. You get to reconnect with friends and family. You get the chance to reflect on your life, on what’s working and what is not working.

So use that time wisely. Use that time to grow and evolve. Use that time to become healthy – mentally, physically and spiritually. Use that time to become the best version of yourself.

The crisis might be out of our control. But remind yourself that you have control of your thoughts. And in times of uncertainty, if you can make your thoughts positive, you can get through this challenging time.

Your thoughts control your feelings. Your feelings control your actions. Your actions control your events.

So look after yourself. Make your health your priority because when you feel good, you have a better immune system.

Take all the precautions that are recommended, have faith and be bold in your love. And believe that together we will get through this challenging time.

Love always,

Mel xx

Melanie is an Image Therapist, Facialist and Feminine Empowerment Coach. She offers Authentic Image Transformation from the inside out for women ready to elevate their personal and professional life.

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