The scent of Autumn

The smell of Autumn: warm, spicy and sensual.

With the onset of the dreaded dark evenings and the weather turning gloomy, I feel like hiding away in my cosy home. I need to feel warm and my mind is turning to all things cocooning but also, smelling deliciously like autumn. As a trained aromatherapist, I love to experiment with essential oils and at this time of the year, I enjoy diffusing warming and woody natural scents and making my home even more serene.


6 Drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

1 Drop of Patchouli Essential Oil

1 Drop of Ginger Essential Oil

Not only do essential oils make your home smell delightful, but they also have amazing healing benefits on your brain when you inhale their aromas:

Sweet Orange: I love the scent of sweet orange (citrus sinensis) even on its own – sweet, warm and sensual, this essential oil is also amazing for improving your mood and uplifting your mind and body.

Patchouli: This rich, oriental, woody and musky scent can also act as an aphrodisiac. Patchouli is extremely grounding and calming and works wonders when feeling anxious, angry and sad.

Ginger: This peppery, woody-spicy and exotic essential oil is a favourite of mine to use when lacking motivation and feeling exhausted.

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” L.M. Montgomery. Anne of Green Gables

With love,

Melanie xx

Melanie is an Image Therapist, Facialist and Feminine Empowerment Coach based in central London. She offers Authentic Image Transformation from the inside out for women ready to elevate their personal and professional life.

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