When “shit” happens, most of us try to escape it, denying the truth life presents to us.

I came to understand that when bad or unfortunate things show up in our lives, it is most of the time because something is not right, and very often because something needs to change. For instance, your partner is leaving you because you are too demanding; you are in lots of debt because you don’t live within your means; you are sick because you don’t take care of your body; you don’t date because you think you are unlovable; you are stuck in a dead-end job because you don’t believe in yourself; you are close to a nervous breakdown because you can’t say no to anyone… you get the idea.

The majority of the times, we avoid our reality – living in denial out of fear. Fear of facing the truth. Fear of the unknown. Fear of facing change.

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

We must face reality and be honest with ourselves even if we don’t like what we see in us, or the world that we have created for ourselves. We must accept that when bad and unfortunate things happen in our lives, they happen because there is something for us to understand and to learn. We get given an opportunity to face our fears, to be pushed to grow, to move on with our lives, and to change ourselves for the better.

I can guarantee if you fail to accept the truth life presents to you, you will always be facing “shit” after “shit” after “shit” – the same “shit” you can never seem to escape. So the question is, what needs to change in your life right now – beliefs, habits, attitude, and outlook – to improve your life situation and to finally escape the “shit” you’re in.

Melanie xx

Melanie is an Image Therapist, Health & Well-Being Therapist and Mindfulness Coach who helps women to be bold enough to take control of their lives and transform it with their courage, beauty and love.

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