Melanie’s empathy and true understanding of what her clients are feeling is what makes her exceptional. She has helped me through a difficult time in my life. Her guidance and determination led me to change my whole outlook on life. Always present, she speaks with wisdom. She is loving, generous and a radiant light that touches your soul. 


Catherine M-


I didn't realise how much I hated my face until I've seen how much I love it now! Thank you so so much xxx

Sophie P-


Melanie is a beautiful person both inside and out and she has a knack for helping you find yourself.

Marie S-


I am a mid-fifties professional who had the biggest challenge finding clothes to fit my very petite south-east Asian build. I am so petite that I fit into kids clothes, which doesn’t help when you want to look professional and feminine.

Melanie is easy to talk to and so friendly. She is very talented at finding out your most flattering colours and to determine the best style and shape to emphasize your body shape. She gave me many tips on how to emphasize my petite frame and what sort of shops to look for.

I received a beautiful personalized report which was detailed, motivating and very informative. My husband thought that she nailed my personality perfectly. Hiring Melanie, made such a difference to my appearance, but I must say, it is the effect on my inner self that I value the most. I would recommend Melanie to anyone.

Pouin T-


Melanie transformed my neglected bedroom into a special retreat. I sleep better and I feel more rested when I wake up in the morning. She uses her insight and skills when she helps you to select colours, accessories and furniture. She is so approachable and honest, I absolutely loved working with her. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone desiring a personal, harmonious and peaceful living environment. Thank you Melanie!

Laura M-


I knew I had lost all confidence in myself on how I looked. I rarely went shopping because I would come back demoralized, as there seemed to be nothing out there for me and I did not really know what I was looking for anyway. If I did buy something, it stayed unworn in my wardrobe because it did not really look “right”. I had put on a lot of weight, stopped working, and then had to attend my daughter’s graduation with my ex-husband and his younger wife. On returning from the graduation I knew I had to take action.


I had heard about Melanie’s Seasonal Colour and Shape Analysis and decided to give it a try. To be honest I was dreading it, I felt that the last thing I needed was to be scrutinized and that Melanie would think I was fat and old (I’m 57). I can honestly say that within a short time Melanie’s warm and caring personality made me feel at ease, especially at the chat and question time when we laughed and discussed things. She has such a receptive, gentle personality that I knew I could trust her with both my feelings and “shortcomings”. During the whole experience Melanie never criticised me once, and in fact I came away feeling reenergised.


Working with the colour swatches was very illuminating and I could clearly see that some of the colours transformed my eyes and brightened my face. As Melanie told me about my personality, I actually realised something about myself that I had never acknowledged, it was as though someone was holding a mirror to my inner self. I never felt that Melanie was judging me but empowering me and that even though there were personality traits that I might not have liked in the analysis, knowing them has given me the chance to change them. Her knowledge and expertise clearly showed and I feel that this is helped by the fact that she really is a generous person who genuinely wants to help and make a difference to her clients.


I basically knew I was a Pear-Shaped body shape because it is so obvious, but Melanie provided me with an insight on how to dress my shape to show it to its best advantage. Understanding my body shape will be very useful when I am shopping in the future. One thing that Melanie explained to me was why I have always been so unhappy wearing belts, something that I have never understood.


The report that I received after the consultation is brilliant. It is so personal and I have read it several times already. It is extremely useful having it as a reminder of all that I learnt. The colour guide was also wonderful and an ideal size for slipping into my handbag when shopping.


I would definitely say that this was a rewarding and successful experience. I have bought some weights and started exercising to sort out my bingo wings and have started to sort out my diet. I am in the process of sorting out my pre-existing wardrobe and throwing out what I now know does not suit me. I feel more positive about myself and am definitely going to ask Melanie to come out shopping with me shortly so I can build on what I have learnt and due to the trust and confidence that I have in Melanie, I am actually looking forward to it.


My daughter is now doing a Masters degree and I WILL look so much better, and feel so much more confident at this graduation.


Thank you, Melanie for giving so generously of your expertise and for making this such a rewarding experience that has started me on the journey towards loving myself.

Julie C-


I recently booked an appointment at a top London store with their personal stylist. I knew that my wardrobe needed a revamp and with several important events to attend this coming year, I felt that I needed help in selecting the perfect outfits for my age and body shape. I came away feeling disappointed and more confused than ever. I felt that all the outfits the stylist had suggested to me made me looked washed out and frumpy. The all experience left me feeling very unhappy.


Melanie was recommended to me and I booked the Colour, Body Shape and Style Analysis with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the consultation but Melanie seemed genuinely interested in helping me regain my confidence and I felt she quickly understood my needs. Melanie really took time to know me and I did find her extremely informative throughout the consultation. She explained and showed me why some colours suited me better than others. She took time to identify my body shape and explained what to look for and what to avoid in a garment. She helped me to identify a look that fits my body shape, personality and my lifestyle.


I left Melanie feeling confident, excited and inspired. I am looking forward to going shopping especially now I have my personal colour guide and I will certainly benefit from the style advice and tips she gave me.

A huge thank you to Melanie, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you and cannot recommend you enough.

Leigh F-


I have over the years developed an anxiety that has had an impact on my confidence. I have also gained weight which has led me to cover my body as I am unsure what suits me or how to dress for my shape.


Melanie has a passionate, energetic yet calming nature which allowed me to open up to her during our session. The range of questions she asked me allowed me to understand my personality and view it in a positive light. The questions also allowed me to talk freely about myself, something I wouldn’t do in a therapy type session because this session gave me a focus. Not only did I begin to understand myself but the relationships I have built around me and differing triggers for situations. Again, Melanie was able to help me understand my behaviours and how I can use it to my advantage in a range of situations e.g. work and friendships.


Next, we went into the colour draping session. After burying myself in baggy black clothing for the last two years, I was at first apprehensive. It was amazing to see myself in a range of colours I never would have contemplated wearing due to my lack of confidence or knowing which shades best suited me.


The biggest part of the process with Melanie for me was to understand my body shape (petite hourglass with a short waist placement) and what clothing types best suited me. Melanie focussed on positive areas of my body which I had never considered leaving me feeling confident in myself. I also spoke about things I didn’t like (my height and of course my size) and Melanie showed me examples of clothing that would make me appear taller and slimmer. I was left feeling extremely positive which I hadn’t felt in years. Again, Melanie’s positive and proactive nature helped me to see myself in a different way.


I left the session with a colour guide (Autumn) and all the notes that I had taken during the consultation which I then used the next day shopping. It was so useful to know which styles, patterns, fabrics and colours to look out for when I was shopping. The session had an immediate impact on me - my usual shopping experience used to be frantically searching for black clothes that fitted baggily over my body however this time I felt relaxed and I took my time knowing what I should and shouldn’t be wearing.

Within the next few days I also received a detailed, easy to read and informative report which again will help me moving forward. After reading it, I instantly felt uplifted, positive and informed about myself. Not only did it talk about my personality, appearance, body shape, colours and clothing fit, it also demonstrated academic knowledge in each area and how it directly applies to me. It shared so much incredible information under many subheadings which flowed easily to help me step by step. The use of quotes from myself and others also helped me to apply everything found. Additionally, the list of shops and mood boards helped me to physically see what I am looking for in each area of my life e.g. work, romantic occasions etc. The report was undoubtedly the best part of the follow up because I could look at it and use it time and time again and have the same feeling of positivity and openness to trying a new look which I was in urgent need for.


I honestly can’t thank Melanie enough for the session I had with her. It lasted a good amount of time, was positive, informative, relaxed and most importantly can help me continuously in the future and is not just a quick fix. I would absolutely recommend Melanie to friends and family and am so happy with the results so far.

Sophie P-


When I met Melanie, I was rather low in confidence and self-esteem. I was a little nervous before we started the consultation but her gentle and caring approach erased all my worries. The first part of the consultation focused on my inner beauty. Melanie pointed many positive and attractive attributes about my personality and in a very sensitive manner, she was able to draw out inner feelings and thoughts from me. She took time to assess my personality and I enjoyed listening to her as she explained the effect that I had on people in general.

When it came to the body shape analysis, she was very good at finding positive qualities where I often only saw negativity. Again, she was very sensitive and I felt relaxed opening up about how I felt about myself and my size. I never like talking about my body because I never felt good about being a plus size woman. It was inspirational to be told how to dress my body to exemplify my unique personality.

We spent time looking at all the colours and discussing about the shades that flattered me the most. She gave me tips on how to become a colour mood dresser. We also discussed the types of clothes that would best suit my shape – these included fabrics, styles, accessories etc. She gave me a particular piece of advice that I will always apply when shopping: “IF YOU DON’T FEEL AMAZING IN IT, DON’T BUY IT! For someone who has far too many items of clothing that are never or rarely worn it is an advice that I will always remember! As the consultation went on, I could feel myself getting excited at the thought of going shopping for new outfits.

I have since received a report detailing everything that Melanie discussed - this is brilliant to refer to as we did cover so much. I love all the tips especially the ones on how to dress to look slimmer and taller. I also received my colour guide that I keep in my handbag to refer to when I am out shopping.

It was a long and informative consultation but one that went by so quickly. Not once I felt uncomfortable or judged, but instead encouraged to see my uniqueness and all the qualities that I bring to the world. I left feeling uplifted, happier and most of all feeling good about myself. All in all this was a fun appointment but with benefits that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Tracey H-


I was interested in having a colour and body shape analysis because at the age of 60 I wanted to ensure the person I was could be fully appreciated through the style and colour of the clothes I wear.

I wanted to be casual in dress but elegant in appearance. I have done with the throw away clothing market and want to select my wardrobe more carefully, spending more money on timeless pieces and therefore choosing the right style and colour is important to me.


My consultation with Melanie was conducted in a professional manner, her gentle personality made me feel at ease when answering questions about myself in order to build my profile. The consultation was interesting and I was involved throughout, although it was Melanie’s expert eye that really identified my colour palette. It was amazing to see the subtle changes in my appearance when she selected colours to suit my personality and colouring. I really enjoyed the experience and found it informative and easy to understand.


The document I received from Melanie after the consultation was beautifully presented and very thorough, and provided me with all the information I needed to make a more informed choice about the clothes and accessories I buy, both in respect to style and colour palettes. It also identified very accurately my personality.

Since my consultation I have noticed I have been able to identify errors in the way I have been buying and wearing clothes. Sometimes you know something is not quite right but it is only after Melanie discussed with me the styles and colours that would compliment my personality, shape and colouring that I could see where I had been going wrong and sometimes why I loved wearing one particular piece.

Melanie I would like to thank you for a very interesting, useful and enlightening consultation.

Barbara G-


At the age of 18, I face a few (albeit it not as many as an adult) challenges and pressures in my life. These mostly concern the worry surrounding my A-level exams which are fast approaching; my university applications and deadlines; my life goals and ambitions; the PMS that comes every month without fail, and finally maintaining a healthy balance of school work, my part-time job and socialising.


Being the natural worrier that I am, I suffer from anxiety particularly around exam time. Prior to taking the remedies, I had been feeling incredibly anxious and lacking in self-esteem and confidence. During my Colour and Style Analysis session, Melanie had picked up on my feelings of stress and anxiety and recommended the Bach Flower remedies to help reduce this. She gave me a questionnaire to fill out which required a numerical response for each ‘emotion’ listed. From there Melanie targeted the specific issues I needed help with.


Filling out the questionnaire was incredibly rewarding as I was given the opportunity to reflect on my emotions. Sometimes, with worry and anxiety, it is easy to get caught up in the actual worry itself, so much so that you don’t think about the physical and psychological impact it is having on your body. Therefore, taking 15 minutes to reflect on my emotions one evening enabled me to feel more in tune with my feelings and pinpointed the exact matters that needed to be worked on.


Melanie collated the information from the questionnaire and created my bespoke bottle of remedies, I in turn put 4 drops into my bottle of water and drank this throughout the day. Over the 3 day adjustment period I saw progressive changes within the way I felt.


It was almost as if I felt mentally ‘lighter’ as they helped relieve me of the panic, stress and worry that would typically burden me in certain situations. When I experienced a worry trigger, wherever I was, I began to drink the water infused with the remedies and saw my initial anxiety transcend into a state of calmness. After a week of taking the remedies, I could already see a change in my attitude towards making decisions (as one problem of mine was being indecisive and not confident in the decisions I made). Instead I approached decision-making situations calmly which helped reassure me that it was the correct one to make, I didn’t over-think like I used to.


I recommend the Bach remedies to all my friends as the changes you see in your daily life, even the small ones, are incredibly worthwhile.


Alicia M-


She turned my wardrobe from black, white and grey to a muted rainbow of beautiful soft and feminine colours. It takes talent to transform a person’s style that reflects their true personality.

Leigh-Anne D-


I went to Melanie because dressing after my mastectomy has been challenging. I did not know what to expect from the whole experience but Melanie put me at ease from the moment that I arrived. She has a very caring and gentle approach and I could feel myself getting more relaxed as she started explaining what the whole process of the session will involve. I really enjoyed the questions that she was asking me as I found they made me think and reflect about myself. The colour draping session was very interesting, I could see visually the colour palette that suited me best.

I really appreciated her ability to deal with my personal needs. She made me feel very comfortable and spent lots of time on giving me tips and advices on how to dress my upper body.

The report is going to be helpful – and again I am very appreciative of her findings about my body shape and what style of clothing will enhance my figure. The knowledge and the tools have definitely given me confidence to shop and dress for my body shape.

Thank you for the whole experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will always make use of my personal colour guide and the report when shopping.

Laraine G-


I was absolutely thrilled with the whole experience, Melanie’s insight and knowledge is unbelievable. She is so patient and it felt like we discussed my personality and behaviour for hours. I especially loved the colour analysis session. The depth of the consultation led her to decide what personality type I was, and she was proven to be correct in every way during the colour draping session. Her knowledge about what effects colour can have on you was amazing, and I came away with so much information as to how to dress for certain occasions. I am currently looking for alternative employment after being made redundant from my job of 18 years. She has given me so much confidence on how to dress when I go to interviews. She was very complimentary and professional throughout the consultation and I would recommend her to anyone, you will be surprised what you learn!

Following my consultation I received a fantastic detailed report from Melanie, with advice on how to dress for my body shape, personality traits, advice on fabrics and textures and much more and also a wallet containing colour swatches, perfect to take in your handbag when you are shopping! The report will be my bible going forwards :-)

Thank you Melanie! I feel like there is a new me for the New Year!

Julie S-


I’ve always found it difficult putting outfits together, at times it can leave me feeling frustrated. Before almost every occasion I feel as if “I have nothing to wear” which is strange since I have many clothes hanging in my wardrobe. However, after my session with Melanie, she made me realise that I simply have the wrong clothing hanging in my wardrobe.


First, Melanie identified my personality as autumn and explained how I fit this particular personality group and then identified my body shape.


It was amazing to see how my personality traits fit into one category so perfectly and from there to have my own assigned colours.


Once she held up my personal colours to my skin it became immediately apparent that these were in fact ‘my colours’ as with each one I saw a change in my appearance, some colours even made my eyes lighten.

After the consultation I looked in the mirror to see my mismatched clothing and it was obvious that I needed some help.


On an agreed budget, Melanie took me shopping, picking out clothing and colours I never would have thought of choosing myself.


To my surprise, the shape, cut and texture of the clothing are as important as the colour itself.


I was provided with 3 different outfits, some that were versatile in that I could dress up the top or dress it down.

Looking at myself in the mirror I immediately felt older and more grown up, something I hadn’t felt before but something I felt was pivotal aged 18.


Melanie stuck to the given budget which I found incredibly helpful as I discovered that it was possible to look good without having to overspend. 


I would definitely recommend Melanie’s service as it has provided me with a life-changing outlook on the clothes I wear and the colours I choose. It has left me more self-assured when I go out as I know I am dressing tailored to my personality and individual shape.


I felt more like an individual rather than just copying the latest trends in the magazines. Thank you Melanie, I’m feeling much more confident than I ever have been.

Alicia M-




Melanie, my time with you was pure bliss. Thank you so much.

Karen B-


Melanie offers such amazing services. It is clear that she has a deep and knowledgeable understanding of what your needs are when it comes to put together a curated wardrobe that fits around your lifestyle and not to forget that suits your personality.

I love my bespoke colour swatches, and my eBook is just perfect. Just what I needed to get my wardrobe back on track. Thank you so much.


Emma L-



Dearest Melanie, a little thank you for the first class experience this afternoon. I am now totally Zen!! Most beautiful and relaxing. To be in your care and receive your expertise is something quite magical. It is very hard for me to push everything out of my mind but today's treatments did just that. Thank you so much for the sheer pleasure and relaxation.

Melanie P-


I always look forward to seeing Melanie. She is a friendly, reliable and professional therapist. She has created a beautiful and relaxing environment where I can escape from the craziness of the world.

Rina M-


Melanie is a caring and attentive therapist. She has a healing touch and is very intuitive to what your mind and body need. 

As always it was perfect.

Karen F-


Melanie is a very competent, professional and extremely knowledgeable therapist. From the first time she treated me,14 years ago, she instantly put me at ease and made me feel a highly valued client.



On every visit I feel I am entering a space established by someone who understands the importance of a safe, calm, and charmed environment when one is having treatments.  On a practical level, the premises are always warm, beautifully designed and well thought out. Melanie is a consummate professional. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Martine J-


Melanie is 1 in a million!!!

Hayley G-


I always feel relaxed, energised and revitalised after my sessions with Mel. I love the calm setting and Mel's nurturing attitude just adds to the experience.

Emma B-


Melanie, you provided me with a sense of clarity. I feel like my mind is now clear on what I need to do. I wanted to let you know that I made the move today and handed my notice in. Thank you.


Kirsten C-


You are an angel. Thank you so much for what you do.


Lizzy H-


After struggling with infertility and miscarriages, I become very low, upset and distressed all the time and unable to sleep. I got in touch with Melanie and discussed with her my emotions of how I was feeling. She recommend that I try a bespoke Bach Flower Remedy suited to my needs. I have been taking the remedy, putting drops into water and drink it continuously through the day. It’s been a week and half now and I’m sleeping well and feeling better in myself already. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend having a consultation with Melanie.

I wish I had started sooner and can’t thank you enough!

Sam S-

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