It is becoming rare to see a woman who is fully harnessing her femininity nowadays. I believe it is because we live in a society where being feminine is seen as weak, vulnerable and even something to be ashamed of.

But femininity is a natural source of power. A power that we are born with, but sadly a power that too many women have disconnected from.


When you evolve in your femininity, your self-esteem and self-worth automatically increase. Why? Because femininity is a radiance that we naturally have. It is the softer side of what being a woman is. It is the side that is loving, subtle, creative, graceful, and magnetic. So magnetic, that what she really desires comes to her naturally.

When a woman returns to her feminine roots, she becomes exquisite, confident, and powerful. And as she lets go of her limiting beliefs, she becomes free to be who she really wants to be and empowered to create the life she is meant to live while stepping into her own power, sensuality and magnificence.

Are you craving for more passion, presence, and meaning in your life?


Let me inspire you to reconnect with your femininity and radiate its incredible energy into every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Together we will explore many things from your personal image, body language to daily self-care rituals and practices for self-discovery.

Time: 1 hour  

Price: £65

Online video call.

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